Located in scenic Ipswich, Massachusetts,

Affinity Riding Academy specializes in family programming and individualized instruction to meet the specific needs of all riders-from typically developing students to students with social/emotional, physical, and cognitive challenges. 


Our talented and highly trained staff, responsive, compassionate horses, and unique philosophy allow ALL riders to progress to their full potential-as equestrians and as individuals! 

 While safety is always our first priority, our second focus is helping students reach their FULL potential with regard to social skills, IEP goals, academics, and physical well-being. We do this by first teaching the skill set that is necessary for riding and then working to generalize those concepts in everyday activities. 
Affinity is committed to meeting our participants' individual needs. We require that all instructors have significant experience working with special needs populations.  This allows us to work with all the client's service providers to incorporate, support, and apply learning objectives and strategies used by teachers, parents, and therapists.  Our results are amazing!
There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. 
~Winston Churchill